Wayne Tripp
Apr 25, 2017

AX3S vs S.A.F.E.


I have an Apprentice with S.A.F.E. and I really like it. I have also heard of another system called AX3S. Can someone explain the differences between them and the advatages of each one?


Apr 28, 2017

The Apprentice S, Timber, Corsair, Spitfire, P47, ( and others) use AS3X to reduce the effects of gusty or choppy wind conditions. If your model uses the AR636 receiver it most likely has AS3X. However not all AR636 receivers have the Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced modes. I prefer AS3X over my older receivers because I can now fly in windy conditions that previously caused my model to change pitch, roll, and yaw. The Apprentice manual has a better description of SAFE and the Apprentice receiver.

When you put your new Apprentice S receiver in your PKZ1870 P51 Mustang we were flying in gusty conditions and the AS3X gyro system resisted the effects of wind.

Of course it did not resist our shaky fingers or dumb thumbs!










Wayne Tripp
Apr 30, 2017

Do both keep the wings level when you release the controls? And is the "oh crap" button only on the SAFE?

May 17, 2017

Only Beginner mode or auto/self level will level the wings......Vic

Nov 5


I am glad that you shared this article. Shaukeens

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