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Wayne Tripp
Nov 5

I have an Apprentice with S.A.F.E. and I really like it. I have also heard of another system called AX3S. Can someone explain the differences between them and the advatages of each one?
Wayne Tripp
Oct 16

Any body have experience using an RC plane launcher? I was thinking it would be a good thing to have at our field for members to use since my hand launching skills are limited.I was looking for one to
Wayne Tripp
Oct 3

Anybody know if the Flying Field is easier to get into than it was? I want to go this Thursday if it's not going to such an ordeal.
Wayne Tripp
Jul 17, 2018

Hey Gang, I've noticed our web cam at the field hasn't been working recently. I also noticed that Andy Di is not on our members list anymore. Wasn't Andy the guy that keep the web cam opperating
Wayne Tripp
May 3, 2017

Can someone tell me where and when we have our Board meeting?
Wayne Tripp
Oct 31

Does anybody know where I can get a spinner and base for a Durafly "Ferocious Frankie" 1100mm P-51 Mustang. The base where the nut on the motor shaft fits in is stripped. Also, if you know of a substi
Oct 11

I want to learn how to fly Drones without it costing me a fortune. I am 67 years old, but I still want to keep busy. I am in Hudson, Fl. You can email me at Thank's Ed
Wayne Tripp
Oct 31, 2018

Hello my fellow members, This WPMPA election year we have an opportunity to vote a member with a fresh outlook, to moving this club forward , increase membership and make every effort to getting
Wayne Tripp
May 19, 2017

What's the best way to de-charge your lipo batteries without having to run it down in the plane? Also, How and where do you keep them stoerd when not in use?
Wayne Tripp
May 2, 2017

I just wanted to say that I think it's wonderful that we now have a way to communicate and share ideas with each other and want to express my appreciation for offering this forum for all club members.