May 8, 2017

SPC Drone Class and UAS Meetup Group Info 5/8/17

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Hi John,

It was good to meet and talk with you yesterday at the drone event.

I have attached flyers that have information on the drone classes we offer here at SPC.

When we spoke you mentioned that you would post this information on your WPMPA website.

Thank you for doing this and helping us spread the word.

The college has also formed a Student UAS Meetup Group. Below is the link to join.

This group meets monthly here at the Epicenter and you can attend at no charge and network with other drone operators.

We bring in guest speakers each month to talk about topics related to UAS.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday, May 18h from 6-7:30pm here at the Epicenter.

Ryan English with FlyMotion Unmanned Systems will be joining us to discuss his company and how he is using UAS in the Tampa Bay


If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you.

Fred Tucker, GCDF

Program Coordinator, Information and Innovative Technologies

St. Petersburg College








Oct 29

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